Doll Making

This past month has taken me with creativeness and I’ve delved into the world of doll making. I’ve seen some amazing little dolls that are just divine and I wanted to have a go at making one myself. We have been in lockdown here in South West Victoria that at the time I couldn’t source the materials I needed – so rather than be defeated I utilised what I had on hand to pursue my interest.

I handsewed my doll and her clothes, made her hair wefts out of yarn and sewed them on and painted her little face. It took forever but I really loved it and while its a novelty for me – I am making another! I’ve brought my sewing machine out of hiding and I’m getting re-aquainted with it and going to utilise it for my next one.

This is my little handmade doll, I call her Demi, she is approximately 9 inches tall.

Art Exhibition

Out of lockdown just in time to have several of my paintings exhibiting at the Julia Street Creative Space in Portland during September. For 2 weeks my paintings were on view from September 9th to 23rd and they look fabulous, don’t you think! So many hours went into each of these paintings, layer upon layer to achieve all the details. All paintings are for sale 🙂