Welcome to my site! My name is Holley and I am a fine artist. This website is all about the art I love to do and want to share it with you all.

The Gallery page talks about my beginnings with several art mediums and showcases some of my work in each of these mediums. I am now a blogger and I am regularly sharing things I am working on, little tips on how I go about things, sometimes even just the things that make up my world. I hope you will follow along the blogging journey with me!

I love playing around with lots of mediums, just depends on what I am inspired for. Coloured Pencils, graphite – pencils of all kinds, acrylics and watercolours are my favourites. For years I have worked as a tattooer in both colour and black and grey pieces doing a variety of work for clients.

I can’t wait to share more new artwork and to show you the progress along the way. Perhaps I can inspire you! In time my website will be full of art, art, and more art, and some crafts too! I really enjoy crocheting, making small things like beanies, little shoes, boleros, so will be sharing these things too.

There is a whole range of merchandise available featuring my artwork. Cushions, prints, clocks and clothing just to name a few. Just like this Tiger below…