Welcome to my site! My name is Holley, I am a fine artist and I love to make things too. This website is all about the art I love to do…

Gallery of Art

Pastels, acrylics, oils, watercolours, colour pencils, graphite pencils, tattooing and crochet are all art mediums I work in. Read more about each of these mediums I work in and how I came about them on my Gallery page!

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Blogging is a fantastic way to share what I am working on, little tips on how I go about things, sometimes even just the things that make up my world.  The side bar on the right has all my blogs. One of my blogs features a work in progress on an acrylic painting I currently have on the go, this photo below shows some of the progress  – Tia Progress


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New Artwork

Below is one of my latest paintings, to see more on how I paint and go about my work check out progress photos on my blogs. See more of my recent paintings here


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I enjoy crocheting and sometimes I have available little things I’ve made, like these fabulous colourful beanies! These two pictured here are currently available for $30 each plus postage. Your welcome to contact me if you would like to purchase one

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There is a whole range of merchandise available with my artwork on them just like this artwork below. These are printed and sent direct from the publishing company. Artwork printed on apparel, home décor, wall art, stationery, bags, skins and cases TIGER FACE


See more of the art I love to do within this site. To follow all my work and regular blogs just click on the following button on the right hand menu! Thanks for stopping by 😀