Little handmade dolls, so Divine! I started my doll making journey in 2020 after seeing some amazing handmade dolls and I immediately thought ‘my god I need to make one of these!’. That first doll I made ignited a spark in me and I have continued to keep making them and now I have them available to collectors.

Each doll is one of a kind and unique, they are made from new and recycled materials. They are numbered on the back of their necks and have a Divine tag on their rear. The dolls are not recommended for young children due to their delicate makings of small fixtures of beads etc. I work from my own patterns and often freestyle them as I go. The dolls are small, approximately 8 inches tall and are available as they are made. They are available here and online through my Etsy Shop. Free postage in Australia, for overseas postage costs please contact me.


Approximately 26cm in length, 14cm in sitting position. Free postage in Australia



Approximately 30cm in length, 17cm in sitting position. Currently exhibiting

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