An acrylic painting of Loki on canvas panel, 50x60cm. What a journey this one was to paint. I had a vision of what I was going for and just went for it. Love painting with acrylics, think I want to do another!!

I’ve used Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylics and Jo Sonja’s Artists colours with clear painting medium. All that’s left to do is give this one a couple of licks of varnish and visit my framer for a nice frame to finish.

Photo reference of Loki is from Tracie Koziura at PMP. Here are some progress photos from start to finish โ€ฆ.

Final Artwork of ‘Loki’

Bella K

This is a portrait of a little kitten named Bella. I’ve used my usual mix of Faber Castell Pitts, CarbOthello and Caran d’Ache Pastel pencils on colourfix smooth. You can see her progress photos above, lots of layering and building sections up to depth and colour. Below is the final artwork.

If you want to follow what I am working on now check out my welcome page to see regular updates of my current work in progress. When artwork is completed I will be adding it along with the progress photos into a blog just like this one ๐Ÿ™‚

Gothic Cardigan Finished

Earlier this year I began the journey of making a gothic cardigan, perhaps you saw my earlier blogs. I was dedicated and told myself I would complete this project and not stray and start something else. I am really good at doing that lol. Well I kept my word and concentrated on the task fully. In all it took me 3 months to make, so having said that I did finish crocheting it months ago. What has stalled me in saying its complete and sharing it is the damn clasps! I sourced some gothic style clasps and started sewing them on but something about them just made me keep putting it aside. So I picked it up again to continue sewing them on thinking to myself ‘I’ve got to finish this!!’ I looked at them and I knew right then that I had to take them off. They were a pain in my side and didn’t sit quite right, instead I sewed one push stud on at the top and now I will call it done, hooray!!!!

Problems along the way! Well all was good until I came to making the hood. The pattern just didn’t make sense to me, I spent way too long trying to figure it out – I even contacted the designer to ask for help but in the end I made some of it up to what I thought it should be and it came out okay. The hood is infact oversized but that is the gothic cardigan as per reference photos that came with the pattern. I was totally over making it by the time I made it to the end. And does it fit? Yes it does!!

I used a 4mm hook with Starlight yarn from Spotlight, unsure of what the colour is called but its a purple, and being Starlight yarn it has the sparkle throughout. I used 14 balls. The pattern I sourced from ravelry.com

Here are final photos that I can happily share now, shame the clasps didn’t work because I really liked them but I also like the cardigan without a bunch of them on it ๐Ÿ™‚


Superb Fairy Wren

I have recently finished a painting of a Blue Fairy Wren, they are little Australian birds which exist in the lower parts of Australia where I live. My reference for this painting is from Dio Raven, such a great photo to work from, I ]enjoyed painting this little bird, they are in fact one of my favourites.

Here are the progress photos and the final artwork (pictured first). I have used Faber Castell Pitt Pastels, CarbOthello and Caran dโ€™Ache Pastel Pencils on Colourfix Smooth


Banana Split Vest

A little vest I made recently following a YouTube tutorial. How sweet it is. I wanted to see how the colour changing yarn was going to come out for this one. I’ve used Porta Craft Gelato in Banana Split, with a 3.5mm hook. Cotton for the ruffle border. The little buttons match it perfectly!



I’ve changed the way I now blog. I am posting progress on what I am working on my homepage with regular updates. When I’ve finished the piece I will post it in a blog just like this one as a complete blog of each piece. Your welcome to follow current progress as I share updates or even my blogs if you would like to see recent works established.

This is a recent portrait of Maggie in pastel pencils on A4. Here are some of the progress photos from start to finish…


I’ve used Faber Castell Pitts, CarbOthello and Caran d’Ache pastel pencils. She came up beautifully, so much fur but I must admit I really love painting fur. I had a fabulous photo to work from which always helps. Maggie was very precious to her owners!

Check out my homepage for what I am working on now!


I am very fortunate to be able to paint such beautiful animals, just like Georgia who was very precious to her owners. She is created with pastel pencils on A3 colourfix smooth