‘Little Owl’ Video

Did you read my last post on the ‘little owl’ piece I did, well here is the video! In my previous videos I have put them together as sped up timelapses, this one is in normal time with sequences of sections building up to the final artwork. Check it out!

Little Owl

Owls always remind me of my Nanna. I saw the reference for this little owl and thought ‘awww’ I need to draw him! So I went with a mixed media theme of markers, colour pencils and ink pens. Just a little piece, I did film this one, still in the process of putting it together so will post the link once I have done so.

Reference for this one obtained from Paint My Photo by Jpencil


Timelapse video of ‘Summer’

I have previously drawn portraits of my sons and my daughter has been asking me for a long time when I am going to draw a picture of her in a similar style. So between commissions I’ve been tackling it and have finally finished and have put together a timelapse video of the colouring process. Unfortunately my work light has glared out the artwork somewhat but you can still see the progress taking place. Note to self – don’t film with the light in that spot again lol. Here is the video …