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February 2023

I have finally done it, my website has needed a revamp for a while now and being not so computer savvy these days I kept putting it off. Being the stubborn person I am I also insist on doing it myself. I still may add and change things from time to time I’m sure.

Commissions are one of those things that I’ve done on and off for a long time, it’s nice to have a break from them sometimes and create my own art, go with the flow of inspiration. I am now available for individual portraits and at one size with the one medium. This will enable me to be more productive and balance other life commitments I currently have. You can see more about commission work within this site.

I have been making dolls for a while and now I have them available as they are made. Each one is unique, I go between doll making and fine art on any given day just doing what feels right at the time while working around the family and other commitments. Sometimes it’s complicated but I am a firm believer that if you love to do something you will find the time to do it, so I do. I currently have a couple of Divine Dolls available. This is a photo of my current doll making area, sometimes I do art here too…

My Janome sewing machine I’ve had for many years, mostly it sat tucked away in the cupboard. I still have so much to learn, mostly I stumble along and make lots of mistakes, I do find much pleasure in hand sewing so my dolls are made with a lot of that too. I always thought I would try and make something one day, I saw some beautifully made dragons many years ago and was quite taken by the skill and imagination put into each one. The little dolls have become that something that I can be expressive with. I pick up treasures from thrift stores like my stash of coloured cottons, beads, lace etc. For making hair I use yarn – which I have lots of because I also like to crochet sometimes. Every year I make myself a new beanie when the weather gets too cold.

Sometimes I will blog here when words flow freely, what a great way to share more about the things I am doing and how I approach my arts. What would you like me to share?

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