I’ve been busy working on an acrylic painting of a Lioness. I’ve finally finished so its time to blog about it! I have been sharing updates on my new page ‘work in progress’. If your interested in keeping up with what I am working on be sure to check it out! Once artworks are finished they will end up here in a blog to make room for new works in progress.

Here are some photos of the progress from start to finish. I have used round brushes for the fur and detail, and filbert brushes for blocking in and washes. As always I’ve used Atelier Interactive Acrylics and Jo Sonjas Artists Paints. Photo reference for this piece obtained from Dio Raven at PMP.

Close up on the eyes and fur
Final Artwork ‘Lioness’ Acrylics on Canvas Board, 18x18inches

And she is finished! Hooray, just some varnishing to go and a nice frame to suit. This painting is for sale, if your interested please contact me via this website. 😀

A picture of my palette used for the whole Lioness painting. I mix up my colours as I go