Chevron Bag

I stitch away in the mornings sometimes, while I have my morning coffee before I wake my kids for school. Then in the evenings sometimes, a row here and there. Before I know it I’ve made something, just like this little bag.

I’d picked up some hot pink yarn recently from Spotlight, it is Stallion 8ply in colour 80270335. It is inexpensive at around $1.80 a ball and it has a nice feel, I found it great to yarn with for such a cheap yarn. I decided to make a bag and found a pattern for a chevron but it included some popcorn stitches and some fillet stitches throughout. I wanted my bag to be more simple and full rather than holey so kept to double crochet for each consecutive round. I also extended the handles for a longer bag. I used Starlight in black for contrast, 4mm hook. It is a perfect size for my daughter. My daughter is lucky she gets alot of the things I make!

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