Gothic Cardigan Finished

Earlier this year I began the journey of making a gothic cardigan, perhaps you saw my earlier blogs. I was dedicated and told myself I would complete this project and not stray and start something else. I am really good at doing that lol. Well I kept my word and concentrated on the task fully. In all it took me 3 months to make, so having said that I did finish crocheting it months ago. What has stalled me in saying its complete and sharing it is the damn clasps! I sourced some gothic style clasps and started sewing them on but something about them just made me keep putting it aside. So I picked it up again to continue sewing them on thinking to myself ‘I’ve got to finish this!!’ I looked at them and I knew right then that I had to take them off. They were a pain in my side and didn’t sit quite right, instead I sewed one push stud on at the top and now I will call it done, hooray!!!!

Problems along the way! Well all was good until I came to making the hood. The pattern just didn’t make sense to me, I spent way too long trying to figure it out – I even contacted the designer to ask for help but in the end I made some of it up to what I thought it should be and it came out okay. The hood is infact oversized but that is the gothic cardigan as per reference photos that came with the pattern. I was totally over making it by the time I made it to the end. And does it fit? Yes it does!!

I used a 4mm hook with Starlight yarn from Spotlight, unsure of what the colour is called but its a purple, and being Starlight yarn it has the sparkle throughout. I used 14 balls. The pattern I sourced from

Here are final photos that I can happily share now, shame the clasps didn’t work because I really liked them but I also like the cardigan without a bunch of them on it 🙂


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