Mousey in Graphite

I haven’t had as much time to blog lately, life is keeping me busy. School holidays have just finished here, kids first day back today ‘hooray’ says every Mum ever!!!

I have a new little drawing to share that I have been working on between commissions of my crazy white bull terrier Minni, otherwise known as Mousey, Mouse, Mint Sauce, the great white and the destroyer of all things! Haha! She is 4 years old now and has settled a little but is still a looney most of the time. When she gets excited she does zoomies and she also likes to talk to you by grunting. She thinks every bit of food should be hers and will give you the starving eyes like she’s never been fed. She likes having her jumper on to keep her warm in this crappy winter weather we are currently having.

Here is my drawing of Mousey, in graphite pencils on A5 hotpress…