Lilly Progress

Some more progress on Lilly, really enjoying the pastels!
Chipping away at it whenever I can find some time, more to come soon!


Lilly – pastel pencils WIP

I had forgotten how much I truly love creating with pastels. Back when I started to really get into portrait painting all I ever used was pastels – for years! To pick them back up again has re-ignited my love for them!

I’m working on a portrait of Lilly, beautiful kitty! Utilising a photo by Bananenbrot. Here are my beginnings – using Faber Castell Pitt Pastel pencils and CarbOthello pastel pencils, more to come soon . . . .


Gothic Cardigan WIP

I love all things gothic, the old worlds, Vikings and medieval times. And I have come quite accustomed to watching Netflix and the abundance of series’, who knew that would happen, I normally hate tv, especially normal channels with the damn adverts that repeat continuously does my head in! But Netflix is ‘it’, I think I’ve watched majority of the Marvel series – I loooove the fighting, a decent Kung Fu series/movies¬†like IP Man, and I’ve just recently finished watching all of The Last Kingdom which I loved!

Anyway enough of the review haha,¬†I have this awesome project saved of a Gothic cardigan and thought I would jump in and give it a go. It has a pattern that runs down the middle and is joined with cloak clasps which is one of the reasons I want to make it, but I’ve yet to source these clasps. It also has a large gothic hood, its fabulous!

Its a crochet pattern of course, I don’t know how to knit and you would have seen by now if you follow my work that I am addicted to crochet – I mean how can you not be!!

So I bought the pattern (, looked at my stash to see what I could use to get started. The pattern calls for Scheepjes¬†yarn but I don’t have any on hand and I am too impatient to wait for stock to arrive in the post. I did however have 4 balls of starlight 8ply, it has a sparkle throughout, I’ve used this yarn many times now and I know its easy to get and inexpensive too. So with the decision made, I’ve jumped in.

Starting with the back and working my way up to the sleeves. This project is made mostly in one and it looks fairly easy. Lets hope I can do this and stay on track, although it will take me a while.


I’ve taken a photo every time I finish a ball, not sure what the colour is called but its a purply pink, can you see the sparkle in the photo?¬†The pattern is by Annelies Baes, I am using a 4.5mm hook.





And here we are at 5 balls down (50g balls). The sleeves are a bit short currently but the pattern in the middle will be added to the sleeve ends later. It has taken me several weeks to get to this stage, continuing on and progressing well so far, lets keep it going ……

‘Prince’ Peacock

A new creative drawing in coloured pencils of ‘Prince’. Photo reference of the peacock from Ainslie Gilles-Patel (although I cant share this reference you can find it over at the PMP website). I printed out the reference and had a scribble to see what would come out in a creative form, I really wanted to add another element to just the head and I could see flowers included. Here is the outline of the idea I came up with ‚Ķ

Because the peacock has a striking blue and some teals I knew I wanted to keep the remainder of the artwork in more subtle colours to keep the bird as the focus. Purples, pinks and other shades of blue will work well.

I found some photos of some purple flowers as a reference to utilise for colouring and made up the flowers as I went along. To keep with the background reference I utilised some of the placement of the shadows but used my own colour choices to compliment the bird.


And so I work around and all over the place working my layers and building it up as I go. I am using Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper and Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. My photos aren’t the best for light but you can see the progress stages.


The peacock has a lot of detail in the head area so it takes me some time to work on this part. I am pressing harder for more solid areas of the darkest shadows and the deepest blue. When I sketched my idea I wanted to add some flourishes to the design. As I began colouring I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to approach these areas but then decided to utilise the background colours to portray the flourishes without actually going into a full flourish effect. This keeps it more simple and still works within the whole design. I love it when I don’t know how something is going to end up, I have an idea of where I want to go with a piece but sometimes things change as I go along and new ideas come about and make the whole process for me more fun.

Still some more work to do on the head area and at this point I am really not liking the dot curve of the oval on the right side. I need to re-assess my whole idea and find something that is going to make that area work better. I decide to deepen my background which it needs and blend in those dots.

EPSON MFP imageThis is the final artwork of ‘Prince’. I’ve used odourless turps to smooth out the whole piece. Always makes a better photo to share when I scan it in directly rather than take a photo.

If you like ‘Prince’ you can buy apparel, cases and skins, home d√©cor, wall art, bags and stationery of him here

Shawl Finished

It has been a long journey making this shawl and finally I am done! Hooray!! I had many distractions during the process and found myself putting it down several times to have a break from it. You can see my progress on previous blogs. Mostly I don’t crochet larger projects for that very reason – I doubt I will ever finish them. I was determined with this one, the last row of picots took me some time because I had some trouble getting my hook into the popcorn stitches from the previous row. Super happy with the outcome and the gradual colour changes, love it! I’m keeping this one!! Although it is suggested to block the finished item I’ve decided I will keep it as it is. Looks fabulous over my rocking chair!

Crocheted from a free pattern by Frostvirka made with Watermelon Hellraiser Scheepjes Whirl, 3.5mm hook.