‘Tia’ Progress

Previously I have shared a blog with the beginnings of ‘Tia’, an acrylic painting on canvas panel. Here is some photo updates of more progress…


I’ve tackled some of her top hand, flower and the feathers. I’ve even thrown in some swirls by her hand to get the feel for what colour I want to go with and how I might want the swirls to look. Not sold on this yet but will leave it there while I think about it and keep on moving. I like the idea of a classic look with some vintage colours, there is a lot of colour in the background so want to keep other colours simpler to balance the entire painting. The feathers are subtle and I quite like that, the rose I am still working on but I know I want it to be white. Her dress will be mostly white with shades of colour to bring it out so I’ve laid down a coat of white to build on as I go and painted her beaded necklace.

First layers are down on her arm, skin tone browns with some paynes grey mixed through for cool shadows and also some rose pink for warmth, I also add some yellow tones too. Years ago when I first started portrait painting I learnt to add cool colours for the shadows, some artists use greens, I really like to use deep blues.

t7 Top hand isn’t done here yet but I’ve moved on anyway, I’m not totally done with her face yet either, I will come back to that later on. Some more building is done here on her arm, paint dries quick so continuing to use my clear painting medium to help with the blending. I am wanting a realistic look but I also like the idea of seeing the brushstrokes.

Her dress has see through lace by her elbow so have put the first layer of light skin tone down. I’ve decided to go with purple tones throughout her white dress to compliment the background colours – some of this colour is on her shoulder straps.

t8She is developing more now, more layering of purples on her dress and deeper tones added to her skin beneath the dress. Her arm is looking better but I will need to adjust tones on her face yet – but later.

I could leave her without any swirls in the background, I’ve been considering this but it just seems like it needs it to complete the overall image I had in my head. Swirls and more will be added soon…. 😀

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