Striped Beanie and Pom Pom

It was time to try and make a pom pom, I’ve seen those awesome fluffy ones and in fact have a cool black one on my keyring – makes it alot easier to find my keys! Recently I made a striped grey and blue sparkly beanie and I wanted to attach one of those fluffy pom poms. Unfortunately I couldn’t source one quick enough so instead found a pattern on how to make a similar one (on

This particular pom pom is made with fluffy yarn and not just normal yarn, its made in rounds and filled with stuffing before sewing it onto the beanie.


The yarn I used is called Moroka and boy what a nightmare it is to crochet with, you cannot see your stitches!! Instead you have to go by feel, half way through pictured above, it looks like a birds nest!! My first attempt was a failure, but I had another go and I still had trouble but in the end I got a pom pom that was round – no perfect – but round lol.


Hooray!! Then I sewed it onto my beanie, wish you could see the sparkles in both the grey and the blue, shame the photograph loses that …


I showed my daughter and she has claimed the beanie, she’s still wearing it at this very moment!!! I have a couple of handmade beanies available for sale in a variety of colours, you can check them out on HolleyRyanArt


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