Sea Glaze Slouch Beanie

I’ve made this particular beanie a couple of times now, such a fun pattern and I love using the colour changing yarn, always makes it more fun to make when the colours change as you go along. The pattern is called ‘Sea Glaze Hat Slouch Beanie’ by Maria Bittner of pattern paradise – sourced from ravelry.


This beanie was requested similar in colour to one I’ve made before. The yarn I used was Red Heart Super Saver Stripes – Polo Stripe but I haven’t used the green at all. I’ve invested in some wooden tags with my name logo on them, I think they make my handmade beanies look fabulous, don’t you!


I will have some other beanies available for sale in the future, the cold weather will be upon us before we know it and we will need them! These beanies will be available through my Etsy store which I have recently reopened HolleyRyanArt

I am currently in the process of building up my etsy shop which will have some original artwork, magnets and handmade items. Stay tuned for the beanies, they are coming soon! Beanies will however only be available with what I can produce – I currently cannot commit to making them especially for people as I am already committed to other things.

Merchandise will continue to be available on clothing, clocks, phone covers, bags and prints online through Redbubble

Happy Days! xo

‘Tia’ Acrylic Painting in Progress

Last year I started a new painting in acrylics, I’ve decided to call her ‘Tia’. I’ve utilised a reference photo by Kate Hoff of a girl with an interesting pose, my initial idea was to paint the girl with a few changes here and there and with a creative swirly background. I printed out her reference and sketched my idea on paper first. One of the things I love about painting is sometimes the idea changes as you go along and it develops into something else. My initial thought was to have a lot brown tones in the background but when I was applying paint to the canvas I found I wanted more colours so just went with it.

I’ve drawn her to size on canvas panel using a projector (fabulous invention and don’t know why I didn’t invest in one sooner – if you haven’t got one get one!!). The swirls I will add by freehand later. Firstly I establish background with a couple of layers. Acrylics need several layers as the first coat is always thin and scratchy looking. I’m liking the idea of an abstract style background for the moment …


I’ve added a few more colours here (above) which I like but I continue to blend some more which you can see in the photo below.


So this is where I’ve started on her face obviously. Do you remember me saying the first layers are scratchy looking, well this is what I meant above. It doesn’t look great but it gives me a start on placement light and shadows. I always find the beginnings of a portrait somewhat hard, I was hoping that I could make this work at this stage.


More layering and blending is making it come together more. I am using Atelier Interactive Acrylic paints and Jo Sonjas acrylics. To help with blending I am using the Atelier clear painting medium.


Some more layering on her face and hair and starting to move onto other areas now. But I often am never finished an area until I’m totally finished as bits bug me and I will fiddle as I go.

More progress to come soon!


I thought I would experiment and paint an ACEO – Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are rather small, 2.5 x 3.5 inches. These were fun to paint but they did take me some time, more time than I would like to put into such a small painting…


The first one is a blanket flower from a reference by Len Swanson. The little pig is from a reference by Caz Theologo. Will I paint more of these little cards? I don’t know, never say never!

New Merchandise

Artwork of ‘Soldier Jims’ and ‘Red Foxes’ are now available to purchase as prints, pillows, t-shirts and a variety of other items. They look amazing on all the products available! Little Jimmy is such a little shining star!!

To see all available products just click on the names below of both paintings…




EPSON MFP imageFridge magnets of the Red Foxes are also available, more magnets are available on this website – look under artwork for sale – magnets. Buy one magnet or save and buy sets!