Soldier Jims

Not only do I have a crazy white bully but I also have 2 little Jack Russells who adore each other. Jimmy is my little man, in fact I call him manees. Another name I call him is my little soldier.

He’s going on 13 years old this year and throughout his life he has been a Daddy and also experienced losing other dogs we have had. He is a real sweet little guy, I love him dearly!

I have been wanting to paint him again for some time, I have an amazingly clear sharp photo of him. To represent the little soldier he is I am putting a soldier silhouette in the background and colours surrounding will be similar to the army. Here are some progress, watercolours on A4 hot press…



I am using two round brushes, no. 2 and no. 12 for the whole piece


Below is my setup with printout of the photo I am working on …


… and here is the final artwork ‘Soldier Jims’!! Bless his little soul!!


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