Onwards with Shawl Making

Slowly my Fields of Whirl shawl is coming together. Pattern by Frostvirka – free pattern on ravelry.com. I’ve had a break from it over the last couple of weeks because I was working on other things but have picked it up again recently. Finally I’ve hit the pink in the whirl, now I can’t wait to get the other shades of pink. I love the colours on this one, I love black and when it comes to pink I like softer shades which is why the Watermelon Hellraiser whirl really stood out to me.

I’m up to row 46 now, only another 18 rows to go but they are longer rows the more I go along so they take longer to do. The popcorn rows are very time consuming. I only do a bit at a time to keep my hand happy.

When I first got my Scheepjes Whirl I was surprised at how small it was – thinking it was going to be a lot larger in order to make a whole shawl. I can now see that I should have enough to do entire shawl. Onwards we go …

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