Metal Sharpeners – Art Tip

Each artist has their own way of doing things and I thought I would share my way of keeping my pencils sharp. When I first started playing with pastel pencils many, many years ago I started sharpening them with a Stanley knife. I learnt pretty quick how much they actually chew up the pencil and for the price of a good pencil this would hurt my soul! For me it was a trial and error thing and it was when I tried metal sharpeners I knew I had found what was right for me. I’ve wasted money on specialty sharpeners – brand names and plastic ones only to find that nothing works better for me than the trusty metal sharpener.

Metal sharpener are very cheap, I purchase them from the local supermarket, the cost me 50c each or something like that. Small price to pay for something that does the job well every time!

To create fine detail work I like my pencils to have a very sharp tip. To sharpen them this way I just use the very tip of the pencil itself on the blade and sharpen to a point. I find this saves a lot of life in the pencil and I sharpen the wood of the pencil away a lot less.

My little tip for anyone out there who loves using pencils, it may or may not work for you but most certainly does for me. Here are some photos of me sharpening a pencil so you get the idea …

Pencil before sharpening
Sharpen the tip itself on the blade and not the whole end
Sharper tip!

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