Doll Shoes

Sometimes I like to try and crochet shoes, I especially like to make mary janes. I’ve tried many patterns over the time I’ve been crocheting which is almost 2 and a half years now. The hardest part I think is making the second shoe to suit – your tension must be the same as the first shoe and getting your t-bar to line up in the same spot is somewhat frustrating with some patterns I have found. Sometimes I just cant get that second shoe to match correctly – but I am fussy I must admit!!

I always come back to the one pattern I find is my favourite so far. Did you see my blog titled ‘missing crochet’ where I shared some shoes I made with thick yarn? This pattern was the same as the one I used to make these little shoes pictured below. But these ones are much smaller, they could be premature baby shoes or doll shoes and they do fit my daughters doll. They’re a bit cute! I used 4ply cotton for both these pairs.

And what is the pattern you ask??? On of course, a free pattern called Baby’s First Mary Jane Booties by Colleen Hayes. I just know I will make them again someday!

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