Cats from My Life

Growing up we always had animals and so my love of cats began. Here I will share my little story of my life with cats…

Sisters, Kitana and Shae as kittens

I didn’t have much luck as a young girl with kittens, they always seemed to meet their fate by sleeping under the hood of the family car. I then opted for fish but they never had the same appeal as a kitty so found myself loving cats again. We had a black and white cat named Mummas from as early as I can remember, my parents were told she was a boy and they soon found out she was a girl when she had babies, she then became the little mumma, she lived a long life. I had a very pretty chinchilla named Crazy and that’s exactly what he was, Crazy! He wasn’t an affectionate cat, especially as he grew, if you tried to pat him he would swipe or bite. We also had a grey tabby named Noody, but we called her Baby. She got a broken leg from fighting with the cats next door which left her with a funny walk. When she would sit her leg would sit out the side of her. She had such an attachment to our family that the day she passed even my parents were upset.

Billy – Pastel Pencils

When I was old enough to leave home I got Billy, a tabby kitten. He lived to be 12 years of age. After Billy I brought home two sister tuxedo cats from the vets. They were the last of the litter and they looked the same except one had a black spot on her nose. I couldn’t decide which one to pick and my partner said get them both! When the man who doesn’t even really like cats says get them both – you get both!! I named them Shae and Kitana. Kitana was special to me, she had a sass about her! I almost lost her once when she failed to come home for days. I called after her again and again, she finally turned up in very bad shape. She had been attacked by a dog but she pulled through and since that day she wouldn’t go so far from home. In 2013 I did lose her when my neighbour put snail bait on her flowers. I sat with her while she died with my then neighbour saying sorry over my shoulder!! Shae is still with us and is going on 13 years of age this year. She is a small cat, very timid and very loving and can’t sit still. Below are some artworks I’ve done of my cats over the years.

Sisters – Watercolours
Shae – Pastel Pencils
Shae – Pastel Pencils
Kitana – Pastel Pencils
Kitana – 3rd Prize Australian Artist Magazine 2010
Kitana Love – I drew this one after Kitana passed away – graphite pencil

Today not only do I have Shae but I also have Storm, I got him from the RSPCA, he is 5 years old now. He is a white kitty with blue eyes and is the most layed back cat I’ve ever had! He loves his tummy being patted, sleeps with his mouth open, you can hardly hear his meows and he doesn’t even claw the furniture, I think he might be part human! Life is better with kitties!!!

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