Crocheted Pink Cardigan

For some time now I’ve been working on a small child’s cardigan. I wanted to see if I could make it and with it being a small I had the hope I would stay interested enough to finish it. I tend to lose interest too quick on large projects, making blankets and projects that take a long time will never come to an end for me. So the smaller more achievable projects are more my thing.

I sourced the pattern from, in fact majority of what I’ve crocheted to date has been from this site. This was a paid pattern by Kay Jones – child’s pattern no.234. Made with Porta Craft – Fuzzy Wuzzy, 2 skeins – DK with a 4mm hook, I made the smallest size on the pattern. Some cheaper yarns are just crap in my opinion to work with but this yarn although on the cheaper side is actually not too bad.


I had a few obstacles along the way, most of this pattern was easy to follow but I did have trouble understanding the joins of each sleeve so in the end I did it my own way which was basic really – shouldn’t have spent the time on the prior confusion argh! Each section was made individually and then sewn together, unlike other things I’ve made.

The buttons are cute teddy bears which I sourced locally from Joys Craftworx, I bought 4 of these as the pattern asks for 4 but after crocheting I found that the button holes where not even! The last button hole is made with the top rows of the collar (which I wasn’t aware of at the time of making the other holes) and its just not as spaced so I left the top button off. Overall a fun cardigan to make – except the disappointing placement of the buttons. Finished and now onto the next project!!!

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