The Knight

Christmas time is for joy and love and I hope you all enjoyed your day with those who mean the most to you! I had a great day with my family and loved to see my kids so happy, it is them who bring the magic to the day!

My raven painting is now finished – where I left off last time I was still unsure what I was going to to do with the background and celtic design. Shades of purple and blue have been used in the making of the raven so I decided to utilise these colours more with the background and I painted over the celtic to lose the line work, I much happier with this choice. I’ve blended and dry brushed some purple and blue spots randomly and last minute decision was to add some stars to give it a magical feel. I then added some purple dots around the celtic design. The iron stand has a magnificent orange glow which works so well with the other colours so I decided to utilise this colour in the bird as a final highlight on his right hand side. The raven required more layers and washes of colour until I had enough!

So this is him ‘THE KNIGHT’, finally complete and still needing a lick of varnish and a frame. Acrylics on hardboard 30x45cm. Thanks for following along!

If your interested in purchasing this painting please email me 🙂

I have magnets printed of this design, $5.50 each

The Knight1new

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