My Rose

Two years ago I took some photos of the roses I have growing at home. One of the photos I really liked and I saved it to paint or draw one day. I haven’t played with my colour pencils for a while so thought I could pick them up and have a dabble and this rose became my focus. Here are some photos of the progress along the way …

I love my Prismacolour Pencils! They are so creamy to lay down and they blend well. I think it helps to have a good surface to work on, I like to use vellum. The flower  reference was light on the outer petals so I knew I would need something in the background to boost it. I intended to add some watercolour splash behind. Shades of aqua and purple where my first thoughts but as I progressed I had to push the depth of those colours for it to work better by adding darker purples and teal with the aqua. My reference had a dark background so added some black splash too – I may have gone a bit overboard with the black oops!

One word of advice for fellow pencil users – press hard! You can work light and I am very much a light handed artist which is how I begin all projects but to get the solidness as I go along I press harder. It will make your work look cleaner and have a nicer blend.

Below is the final artwork, colour pencils are super fun!!!


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