Today is my daughter Summers birthday, she is now 11 years old. Not sure where that time has gone but it has certainly gone very quick! I remember being heavily pregnant and wondering when this baby was going to come into the world. She kept me guessing thinking she was coming a couple of times but in the end I was induced 5 days overdue. Our family is so blessed to have her in our lives, she looks a lot like me but her personality is more like her dads where she is funny and outgoing whereas I am more serious. She has the longest hair, past her bum and we are forbidden to even mention a haircut! 

When Summer was born she was perfect, at around 6 weeks of age we began noticing a darkening in her top lip. Our doctor told us this was a naevus which is another name for a birthmark. This continued to grow with her and peaked around 8 months of age.  People often stared and I was always asked how she hurt herself. When she would cry the blood would rush to her lip and it would swell. Around 2 years of age it stopped growing but was still very prominent. After monitoring it and seeing several specialists over the years when she was 4 years old she had it removed by Dr Toma and he did an amazing job!! Some of the discolouring still exists especially when she gets cold her top lip will go blue but its a huge difference now to what she had and its hardly noticeable.  

Over the years I have drawn and painted her many times, she often poses for the camera – loves the camera, unlike me! I call her ‘tiny’ because she is my tiniest, my baby! Here are some artworks of her…

Happy 11th Birthday Summer my gorgeous girl!!

Summer at 5 weeks old – pastel pencils
Summers 1st birthday-watercolour pencils
Watercolour pencils
Web Princess, when I could finally put pony tails in her hair! Pastel pencils
Kindergarten girl, graphite pencils

Kindergarten graduation, colour pencils
Pastel Pencils
Summer 9 years old, watercolours

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