More Raven …

Some more progress on the Raven. I wasn’t liking the background much so decided to change the colours and utilised the blues and purples that were already in the bird, I’ve applied them loosely for now, will blend them in more once I decide what I’m going to do with the celtic as I’m still unsure. I could change my mind yet again!

More work has been done to his head area, he has some browns on the top of his head just like he has in his wings, it adds some warmth. A base coat has been applied to his claws and the iron stand which he is perched. Basically I lay down first coats which always look rough, somewhat thin even, then once dry I reapply more paint and blend in continuous layers until it comes together more.

The raven is coming together more now but I will still add a few more layers and washes, a bit more tightening until I am happy. I like that with acrylics they look abstract but realistic too – painterly. I love painterly!!

More progress soon …

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