2018 Art

Wishing everyone a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Looking forward to a bigger and better 2019 for everyone!!! Here is a selection of the work I’ve completed throughout this year …




My son Raine

My eldest son Raine will be turning 18 years old in January, crazy really! He’s still my baby boy, yes he would cringe at me saying that hehe. I really wanted to do another portrait of him, the last one I did was when he was 13 years old so its well overdue! He finally let me take some photos of him recently and rather than do just a normal portrait I wanted to try watercolour style with my coloured pencils. So here he is, I used Faber-Castell Polychromos and Prisma colour pencils on A4 vellum.


Crocheted Pink Cardigan

For some time now I’ve been working on a small child’s cardigan. I wanted to see if I could make it and with it being a small I had the hope I would stay interested enough to finish it. I tend to lose interest too quick on large projects, making blankets and projects that take a long time will never come to an end for me. So the smaller more achievable projects are more my thing.

I sourced the pattern from Ravelry.com, in fact majority of what I’ve crocheted to date has been from this site. This was a paid pattern by Kay Jones – child’s pattern no.234. Made with Porta Craft – Fuzzy Wuzzy, 2 skeins – DK with a 4mm hook, I made the smallest size on the pattern. Some cheaper yarns are just crap in my opinion to work with but this yarn although on the cheaper side is actually not too bad.


I had a few obstacles along the way, most of this pattern was easy to follow but I did have trouble understanding the joins of each sleeve so in the end I did it my own way which was basic really – shouldn’t have spent the time on the prior confusion argh! Each section was made individually and then sewn together, unlike other things I’ve made.

The buttons are cute teddy bears which I sourced locally from Joys Craftworx, I bought 4 of these as the pattern asks for 4 but after crocheting I found that the button holes where not even! The last button hole is made with the top rows of the collar (which I wasn’t aware of at the time of making the other holes) and its just not as spaced so I left the top button off. Overall a fun cardigan to make – except the disappointing placement of the buttons. Finished and now onto the next project!!!

The Knight

Christmas time is for joy and love and I hope you all enjoyed your day with those who mean the most to you! I had a great day with my family and loved to see my kids so happy, it is them who bring the magic to the day!

My raven painting is now finished – where I left off last time I was still unsure what I was going to to do with the background and celtic design. Shades of purple and blue have been used in the making of the raven so I decided to utilise these colours more with the background and I painted over the celtic to lose the line work, I much happier with this choice. I’ve blended and dry brushed some purple and blue spots randomly and last minute decision was to add some stars to give it a magical feel. I then added some purple dots around the celtic design. The iron stand has a magnificent orange glow which works so well with the other colours so I decided to utilise this colour in the bird as a final highlight on his right hand side. The raven required more layers and washes of colour until I had enough!

So this is him ‘THE KNIGHT’, finally complete and still needing a lick of varnish and a frame. Acrylics on hardboard 30x45cm. Thanks for following along!

If your interested in purchasing this painting please email me 🙂

I have magnets printed of this design, $5.50 each

The Knight1new

My Rose

Two years ago I took some photos of the roses I have growing at home. One of the photos I really liked and I saved it to paint or draw one day. I haven’t played with my colour pencils for a while so thought I could pick them up and have a dabble and this rose became my focus. Here are some photos of the progress along the way …

I love my Prismacolour Pencils! They are so creamy to lay down and they blend well. I think it helps to have a good surface to work on, I like to use vellum. The flower  reference was light on the outer petals so I knew I would need something in the background to boost it. I intended to add some watercolour splash behind. Shades of aqua and purple where my first thoughts but as I progressed I had to push the depth of those colours for it to work better by adding darker purples and teal with the aqua. My reference had a dark background so added some black splash too – I may have gone a bit overboard with the black oops!

One word of advice for fellow pencil users – press hard! You can work light and I am very much a light handed artist which is how I begin all projects but to get the solidness as I go along I press harder. It will make your work look cleaner and have a nicer blend.

Below is the final artwork, colour pencils are super fun!!!



Today is my daughter Summers birthday, she is now 11 years old. Not sure where that time has gone but it has certainly gone very quick! I remember being heavily pregnant and wondering when this baby was going to come into the world. She kept me guessing thinking she was coming a couple of times but in the end I was induced 5 days overdue. Our family is so blessed to have her in our lives, she looks a lot like me but her personality is more like her dads where she is funny and outgoing whereas I am more serious. She has the longest hair, past her bum and we are forbidden to even mention a haircut! 

When Summer was born she was perfect, at around 6 weeks of age we began noticing a darkening in her top lip. Our doctor told us this was a naevus which is another name for a birthmark. This continued to grow with her and peaked around 8 months of age.  People often stared and I was always asked how she hurt herself. When she would cry the blood would rush to her lip and it would swell. Around 2 years of age it stopped growing but was still very prominent. After monitoring it and seeing several specialists over the years when she was 4 years old she had it removed by Dr Toma and he did an amazing job!! Some of the discolouring still exists especially when she gets cold her top lip will go blue but its a huge difference now to what she had and its hardly noticeable.  

Over the years I have drawn and painted her many times, she often poses for the camera – loves the camera, unlike me! I call her ‘tiny’ because she is my tiniest, my baby! Here are some artworks of her…

Happy 11th Birthday Summer my gorgeous girl!!

Summer at 5 weeks old – pastel pencils
Summers 1st birthday-watercolour pencils
Watercolour pencils
Web Princess, when I could finally put pony tails in her hair! Pastel pencils
Kindergarten girl, graphite pencils

Kindergarten graduation, colour pencils
Pastel Pencils
Summer 9 years old, watercolours

More Raven …

Some more progress on the Raven. I wasn’t liking the background much so decided to change the colours and utilised the blues and purples that were already in the bird, I’ve applied them loosely for now, will blend them in more once I decide what I’m going to do with the celtic as I’m still unsure. I could change my mind yet again!

More work has been done to his head area, he has some browns on the top of his head just like he has in his wings, it adds some warmth. A base coat has been applied to his claws and the iron stand which he is perched. Basically I lay down first coats which always look rough, somewhat thin even, then once dry I reapply more paint and blend in continuous layers until it comes together more.

The raven is coming together more now but I will still add a few more layers and washes, a bit more tightening until I am happy. I like that with acrylics they look abstract but realistic too – painterly. I love painterly!!

More progress soon …