Missing Crochet

Ten days after thumb release surgery and I am doing well. Yesterday I had my stitches removed which I was thankful for – I don’t know why they have to put them in so damn tight! Now I have to massage my wound to stop the scar sticking down as it heals and I am doing hand stretching exercises regularly. I thought I would have to wait a while before I can draw or pick up my crochet hook but the hand therapist told me to go for it – BUT not too much at once – says she to an artist!! But I haven’t as yet as I still feel I need to get my strength back some more.

I thought I would share some little shoes I made earlier this year. In the past I have made them with cotton 4ply and 8ply. I had this groovy grey / pink coloured yarn I’d bought that was thick – 10 or 12ply I think, and thought I would try a pair of shoes with them. Sometimes I get these bright ideas and fall flat on my face because it’s the wrong yarn for the project but I was happy with how these ones turned out. I used Moda Vera Elenna 01 cotton for the soles and Fairhaven for the shoe and added some little ribbons. They are probably around a size 2 I would guess? Now I can’t wait to get back to crochet again so I can finish off so many other projects I have on the go, soon – very soon!! 😉

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