Keeping My Sanity!

5 days ago I had an operation on my right thumb, I am bandaged and have been very sore and uncomfortable. I haven’t been able to do much, I am thankful for the help of my family, especially my partner Jamie. Its been weird not having to cook, clean or do washing, that’s good right! But I’d much rather be able to do those things than be in this position.

It’s very difficult doing even the simplest tasks with just one hand! Getting dressed, going to the toilet, doing your hair, even pouring a drink if I cant get the darn lid off, things you take for granted on any normal day. I am counting down the days until my hand is freed from the bandage and the stitches that are driving me insane!!

So after the first few days rest I decided I was doing okay and I wanted to paint, so put on my sling and slapped some paint on canvas with my other hand. The sling became a problem making my hand hurt more so off with the sling and back to bed resting again, sigh!!

Second attempt – last night I thought I could try and draw, I can sit in bed or at the table and go for it. All I do need is my son to sharpen my pencils for me because I need two hands for that. So here is my little sketch with my other hand …


He’s a bit blown out in the photo. I used Prismacolour pencils and a gel pen. After this photo I added some more depth with a marker. I’m happy now I can do a little bit of art while I’m healing, yay!


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