Art Exhibition

This year I have 8 entries into The Rotary Club of Portland’s Annual Art Exhibition (Victoria Australia), I am so excited!! Yesterday I delivered my drawings and paintings, I have been anxiously waiting to drop them off. Shortly after I received a call telling me there was a mishap with one of my frames! Ahhh stress!! But with my calm and cool partner supporting me we managed to make things right.

Over the many years I have been a practising artist I have only ever entered a few exhibitions. Having the time to even have work to enter in recent years has always been a task itself as family and work commitments have always come first. I made a promise to myself that I would make time for painting. Last year I saw myself back at it more regularly and I want to do so much more as I truly love it!


This is one of my entries, ‘Lola’ acrylics on canvas, 60x60cm. I started out painting her over a year ago, my aim was to try a portrait of a person in acrylics. I’ve painted plenty of people portraits in other mediums but never acrylics. It was harder than I thought but I chipped away at it on and off and after 10 long months I finally called her done. She is realistic but painterly too I like to think. The reference for this painting is from Alicia at the PMP site. Another reason I chose to challenge myself with this particular piece was using a limited palette – of carbon black, titanium white and raw umber – Atelier Interactive Acrylics.

My entries into the exhibition include a couple of acrylic paintings, some smaller watercolours, mixed media and colour pencils paintings and drawings. Exhibition opens tonight, November 2nd until Sunday November 4th at the Civic Hall in Portland.

The Upwelling Festival is also on tomorrow in Portland with festivities on the fore shore, market stalls, live music, kids activities plus more, you can make a whole day of it! Follow the signs to the art exhibition (Civic Hall), don’t forget while your there to put in your vote for the People’s Choice! 😉


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