Scheepjes Whirl

Excitement plus when the postie arrives with yarn!! I’ve been wanting to get a Scheepjes Whirl for a while now, I just figured there was no point considering the issues with my thumb. But then I thought why don’t I, it will give me something to look forward to.

I must admit I thought the skein would be bigger than it actually is. I’ve chosen Watermelon Hellraiser! Love it!! I have promised myself to finish off the several things I have on the go when I can pick up the hook again before I even attempt to begin with this beauty. It will be like a reward!

Missing Crochet

Ten days after thumb release surgery and I am doing well. Yesterday I had my stitches removed which I was thankful for – I don’t know why they have to put them in so damn tight! Now I have to massage my wound to stop the scar sticking down as it heals and I am doing hand stretching exercises regularly. I thought I would have to wait a while before I can draw or pick up my crochet hook but the hand therapist told me to go for it – BUT not too much at once – says she to an artist!! But I haven’t as yet as I still feel I need to get my strength back some more.

I thought I would share some little shoes I made earlier this year. In the past I have made them with cotton 4ply and 8ply. I had this groovy grey / pink coloured yarn I’d bought that was thick – 10 or 12ply I think, and thought I would try a pair of shoes with them. Sometimes I get these bright ideas and fall flat on my face because it’s the wrong yarn for the project but I was happy with how these ones turned out. I used Moda Vera Elenna 01 cotton for the soles and Fairhaven for the shoe and added some little ribbons. They are probably around a size 2 I would guess? Now I can’t wait to get back to crochet again so I can finish off so many other projects I have on the go, soon – very soon!! 😉

Keeping My Sanity!

5 days ago I had an operation on my right thumb, I am bandaged and have been very sore and uncomfortable. I haven’t been able to do much, I am thankful for the help of my family, especially my partner Jamie. Its been weird not having to cook, clean or do washing, that’s good right! But I’d much rather be able to do those things than be in this position.

It’s very difficult doing even the simplest tasks with just one hand! Getting dressed, going to the toilet, doing your hair, even pouring a drink if I cant get the darn lid off, things you take for granted on any normal day. I am counting down the days until my hand is freed from the bandage and the stitches that are driving me insane!!

So after the first few days rest I decided I was doing okay and I wanted to paint, so put on my sling and slapped some paint on canvas with my other hand. The sling became a problem making my hand hurt more so off with the sling and back to bed resting again, sigh!!

Second attempt – last night I thought I could try and draw, I can sit in bed or at the table and go for it. All I do need is my son to sharpen my pencils for me because I need two hands for that. So here is my little sketch with my other hand …


He’s a bit blown out in the photo. I used Prismacolour pencils and a gel pen. After this photo I added some more depth with a marker. I’m happy now I can do a little bit of art while I’m healing, yay!


Sketching Left Hand

I’ve had ongoing problems with my right thumb for years now – I am predominantly right handed, and whenever I would have a flare up I would use my left hand to do everything. Over 5 years ago was when I first hit a wall and I couldn’t use my hand properly for a good 6 months. Doctors told me it was a tendonitis thing, and to help with healing I received a cortisone injection into my thumb joint – that hurt like hell let me tell you and I sure as hell wont be doing that again!! During those months of pain and frustration I started teaching myself how to write and draw with my left hand. It is hard and it is still slow but it can be done and I was determined! During those months I painted just a couple of commission portraits for clients. I was happy I could at least do that to keep on doing the art that I love.

I have learnt to manage my hand pain since that first episode, its never fully gone away, its always there. My job as a tattooer was always testing me and I had to learn to slow down which was always difficult when everyone wants to be tattooed! When I wasn’t tattooing I was home drawing up for tattoos and I love to crochet too in what spare time I can find so all that stress on my hand took its toll and I hit a wall again recently. Now I have stopped tattooing, perhaps for good, I don’t know! I’ve been resting my hand for months now, and even though I am doing somewhat better right now I am still very aware of the pain and how easy it is to irritate it. Finally my specialist has advised surgery so I am just around the corner of going under now, I am hoping for a good outcome. Of course my problem is not just a straight forward diagnosis, instead I’ve been told I’m a difficult case because they cant pin point exactly what the issue is but all symptoms point to similarities of trigger thumb – but I don’t get the locking. So I will be having just a simple operation that will release my thumb tendon and hopefully release the pain and fix the issues I have!

So when my right hand flared up again in August this year I picked up my pencil and did some sketches with my left hand. Seems to be when I’m having the most pain with it, is when all I want to do is draw!! I’ve been working on another small piece over the last couple of months all left handed and I look forward to sharing that in the future also. So here is my sketch of Mittens the Cat, apparently he has an extra digit but I failed to capture that (photo sourced from PMP site). Have you ever tested yourself and tried drawing or writing with your other hand?


Art Exhibition

This year I have 8 entries into The Rotary Club of Portland’s Annual Art Exhibition (Victoria Australia), I am so excited!! Yesterday I delivered my drawings and paintings, I have been anxiously waiting to drop them off. Shortly after I received a call telling me there was a mishap with one of my frames! Ahhh stress!! But with my calm and cool partner supporting me we managed to make things right.

Over the many years I have been a practising artist I have only ever entered a few exhibitions. Having the time to even have work to enter in recent years has always been a task itself as family and work commitments have always come first. I made a promise to myself that I would make time for painting. Last year I saw myself back at it more regularly and I want to do so much more as I truly love it!


This is one of my entries, ‘Lola’ acrylics on canvas, 60x60cm. I started out painting her over a year ago, my aim was to try a portrait of a person in acrylics. I’ve painted plenty of people portraits in other mediums but never acrylics. It was harder than I thought but I chipped away at it on and off and after 10 long months I finally called her done. She is realistic but painterly too I like to think. The reference for this painting is from Alicia at the PMP site. Another reason I chose to challenge myself with this particular piece was using a limited palette – of carbon black, titanium white and raw umber – Atelier Interactive Acrylics.

My entries into the exhibition include a couple of acrylic paintings, some smaller watercolours, mixed media and colour pencils paintings and drawings. Exhibition opens tonight, November 2nd until Sunday November 4th at the Civic Hall in Portland.

The Upwelling Festival is also on tomorrow in Portland with festivities on the fore shore, market stalls, live music, kids activities plus more, you can make a whole day of it! Follow the signs to the art exhibition (Civic Hall), don’t forget while your there to put in your vote for the People’s Choice! 😉