Little Books

My daughter has been asking to make little books again for a while. We thought we could improve on the ones we made years ago. We used a cereal box for the cover and covered it with some decorative paper. We also used some textured paper for the joining of the pages to the cover.

bk2aThey are fun to put together, as a parent I needed to help my daughter with measuring and some cutting. Best to use Stanley knife rather than scissors to get a neater edge and appearance, you could use a guillotine if preferred.

bk5Our pages consisted of 4 sets of 5 pages, folded and binded together with toothfloss.

bk1bWe used thin double sided tape throughout and it worked perfectly for our covers and cover inserts but it lacked in sticking the binded pages to the spine, next time we make books I will use something stronger.

bk6My daughters book is the one in stripes, it even fits in her teddy’s backpack. Mine is the bees. We loved making these!!

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