German Shepherd Cushions



You too can now buy cushions with Centari printed on them. Just click on the title above. This drawing was created with Prismacolour Pencils on A4 vellum. Photo reference from Maria at PMP.

The original drawing of Centari will be exhibiting during The Rotary Club of Portlands Annual Art Exhibition from November 2nd to the 4th in Portland Victoria Australia

There are a whole bunch of cushions available with my artwork printed onto them including these ones pictured below. I have bought a few of these myself and even have one in my trusty crochet rocking chair. Fabulous!


More Cushion Designs and Other Available Products

If you would like to see more of the range available as well as other merchandise you can do so by clicking the link above. With Christmas fast approaching they would make great gifts! Prices differ depending on whether your wanting just a cushion cover or the insert included.




Little Books

My daughter has been asking to make little books again for a while. We thought we could improve on the ones we made years ago. We used a cereal box for the cover and covered it with some decorative paper. We also used some textured paper for the joining of the pages to the cover.

bk2aThey are fun to put together, as a parent I needed to help my daughter with measuring and some cutting. Best to use Stanley knife rather than scissors to get a neater edge and appearance, you could use a guillotine if preferred.

bk5Our pages consisted of 4 sets of 5 pages, folded and binded together with toothfloss.

bk1bWe used thin double sided tape throughout and it worked perfectly for our covers and cover inserts but it lacked in sticking the binded pages to the spine, next time we make books I will use something stronger.

bk6My daughters book is the one in stripes, it even fits in her teddy’s backpack. Mine is the bees. We loved making these!!

Here we are!

Thanks for joining me! I am officially now a blogger! Cant wait to share more cool stuff here.

Artwork is somewhat slow for me at present due to a thumb injury. I am doing okay and trying not to aggravate it, because of this I’ve had to stop tattooing 😦 My priority right now is looking after my health and I am currently waiting for release surgery of my thumb tendon.

What I can share with you is one of my last paintings I’ve completed. My reference for this I sourced from Paint My Photo site (fantastic site for copyright free reference material), by Joann Y Wheeler of Luigi. I like to call my painting Lui. Painted with acrylics on deep edge canvas 30x40cm. Lui will be exhibiting at The Rotary Club of Portlands Annual Art Exhibition (Australia) amongst several of my other paintings soon – November 2nd – 4th.